Flue gas fan


Flue gas fans reduce up to 80 per cent of the fine particles in the indoor air, and up to 30 per cent of the emissions in the outdoor air. The use of wood is reduced by up to ten per cent.

Bluechimney is easy to use and inexpensive flue gas fan, equipped with a remote control and blowing upwards. It has a very good heat resistance, up to 550°C. Remote control reduces the need to pull through cables in room spaces. Installation with a plug-in connection is easy to do even by yourself.

Upward blowing, self-cooling flue gas fan for chimneys with the diameter of 150-200mm. Maximum fireplace output 15kW.

Benefits of Bluechimney

  • Continuous heat resistance 550 degrees Centigrade.
  • Patented ventilating machinery.
  • Quick installation
  • Remote controlled
  • Upward blowing
  • Built-in self-controlling start and switch off
  • Facilitates use during power interruptions
  • Hinged mechanism
  • Guarantee 3 years
  • Max. output 60Pa, and suction performance in this case 210km3 / h. The equipment is rated 24W for its output, and in minimum use, power consumption only with the output of 3W.
  • The product has been tested in accordance with the most recent standard entering into force.