Safety chimney with top-class insulations


Unique steel chimney is fire safe, tested for the T600 heat category, for vertical and horizontal installation, to be installed at 30°, 45° and 90° angle. CE-marked, soot fire resistant, multiwalled, modular and insulated system chimney has been tested for fireplaces using dry and wet fuels.

Why to choose Unique?

The best characteristics of two top-class insulations are used in the Unique steel chimney, to obtain the most sophisticated safety chimney available, by applying closed insulation technology. Alkaline earth silicate with high heat resistance protects rock wool with excellent insulation properties. Between the insulations, there is aluminium, interrupting heat conduction and reflecting heat.

Thanks to the insulation structure, the outside diameter of the chimney is particularly thin and the surface temperature low, which means that the steel chimney is suitable also for small fireplaces. Due to small safety distances, Unique is particularly compact, passing through structures.

Unique system chimney

  • Heat category T600
  • Fire safety distance 40mm
  • CE-marking: T600-N1-D/W-Vm-L20070-G40

When ordered, the product system includes roof covering sheeting made of EPDM rubber, vapour barrier sealing and the sealing of the roof. The roof joints have been tested to be placed within the building insulation. It is possible to install the chimney within an encased structure and in the wall structure inlet.



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