Basic chimney with tongued and grooved insulation

Why to choose Basic?

Basic chimney suits best for the smoke ventilation of heat storing fireplaces and heating boilers, and to be used as ventilation flues. Simple and efficient stone wool insulation is the most commonly used insulation material, used already for years. We have developed the product by overlapping mounted joints and ingenious additional solutions, which enable us to provide the chimney more versatile usability than other solutions available on the market can offer, and the best possible safety.

Application areas

Basic chimney is recommended to be installed to traditional fireplaces, gas fireplaces, heating boilers and for ventilation flue.

Basic steel chimney is a soot fireproof, multiwalled, modular and insulated system chimney, for vertical and horizontal installation, to be installed at 30° and 90° angle, consisting of rigid modules to be fixed with band clamps. Basic system chimney has been tested for fireplaces using dry and wet fuels.

When ordered, the product system includes VILPE roof-covering sheeting with sealing as well as EPDM vapour barrier sealing to be installed over extra fire insulation.

  • The overlapping joints of the flues and insulations of the chimney can be installed within the building insulation.
  • The chimney can be installed in the wall inlet with the preconditions given in the installation instructions.
  • The chimney has not yet been tested in an encased structure.
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