Preheating supply air chimney


Air IN supply air chimney has been developed to convey fresh and preheated combustion air brought from outside, directly for the burning in the fireplace. Thanks to the air circulation, fire safety is improved, which means that only minimal safety distances are required for the chimney.

By means of closed cycle, exiting flue gases heat the supply air to temperatures close to 100°C, improving the efficiency of the fireplace. The chimney suits excellently for houses where the conveying of combustion air has not been taken into account. This chimney allows more options for the placing of fireplace, and the solution helps to solve the most common problems in densely built houses, such as the adverse draught caused by the range hood and the built-in vacuum cleaner.

Some benefits of Air IN chimney:

  • The fireplace will have fresh, preheated combustion air through the chimney.
  • The fireplace is fully independent of other ventilation solutions used in the building.
  • Preheated combustion air will make the burning in the fireplace more efficient.
  • Improved fire safety, thanks to air circulation.
  • No other separate make-up air inlets are required in the structures of the dwelling.

Make-up air


No make-up air

Characteristics of AIR supply air chimney

AIR steel chimney has been tested to be installed vertically, at both 30° and 90° angle. When ordered, the system chimney includes roof covering sheeting made of EPDM rubber, vapour barrier sealing and the sealing of the roof. The roof joints have been tested to be placed within the building insulation. It is possible to install the chimney within an encased structure. The chimney has been tested in accordance with EN 1856-1 and EN 1859:2009 with similar tests, in a deviating manner with 855°C operating temperature test and 1000°C soot fire test.

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